All-natural grain fed Black Angus cattle
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Certified organic beef fed all-natural grains and grases
Angus Beef at Ash Creek Ranch

AI Breeding Services

Photo of a certified premium Black Angus calve

Pasture to Plate Genetics

Highly Proven Genetics

Multi Trait Genetics

Maternal Genetics


Artificial Insemination Benefits Your Bottom-line

· Use 50% Less Bulls.  Replace these bulls with More Calf  Producing Cows

· Improved Genetics and Tighter Calving Interval means Heavier Calves

· Proven and Targeted Genetics mean Better Calves

· Increase Uniformity due to less genetic and age variation

· Increased Flexibility due to ability to use specific sires in a planned cross breeding program

· Increase Profit due to increased reproductive performance.

· Source and Age Verified by USDA approved program

· Provide marketing opportunity for your quality calves

· Heifer Development on Irrigated Pastures


Premium Bulls & Females

· Proven Genetics Through ABS Global

· Moderate Framed

· Easy Fleshing

· Highly Fertile

· Calving Ease

· Tremendous Growth

· Moderate Milking

· Feed Efficient

· Carcass Merritt


We continue to improve our program through extensive management and use of Proven AI Sires.

Bulls are developed with minimal input on Range Conditions.  We found our customers are very happy with the way our bulls go onto their ranch.  They acclimate rapidly and are ready to pass on their great genetics.

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