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Ash Creek Ranch
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Ash Creek and Mulberry Spring

The Legacy of Ash Creek Ranch

Ash Creek Ranch was homesteaded by two families in 1880. They chose this beautiful land for the fertile farm land, plentiful forage, mild climate, and free-flowing irrigation water from Ash Creek and Mulberry Spring. They maximized the natural resources by building rock homes, rock fences and gravity flow irrigation ditches. Their original production of forage crops, corn, vegetables and cattle supported the families for many years.

Throughout the years other families have followed the example of the original homesteaders by continuing to maximize the use of natural resources and by being excellent stewards of the land. These families continued to raise cattle and farm irrigated grass pastures.

Since 2003 our family has been able to call Ash Creek Ranch home. We love raising our family while being stewards of the land, and exploring these diverse and beautiful lands. We continue the work of the families before: continuining agriculture in Arizona, protecting the land, conserving water, and raising premium quality beef. We believe by caring for our environment we will be able to continue this legacy for many years to come. 

At Ash Creek Ranch we raise Black Angus Cattle. These cattle are selected for their genetics, performance, and beef quality. Our cattle are born and raised on the ranch. The are with the cows for the first six to nine months. At this time their diet consists of cow milk and gradually increases to natural vegetation forage with supplemental mineral, protein, salt, vitamins and lots of clean fresh water.

When the calves are weaned the milk they were receiving is replaced by additional forage. When the calves weigh between 750-800 pounds they are sold to a commercial feed lot.

At Ash Creek Ranch we are continually improving the genetic traits of our cattle. What does this mean to you? Continued improved quality and younger finishing age means: lean, more flavorful, and tender beef. This also provides us with a healthy herd, ranch raised, homegrown calves, and premium beef.